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Smart Policeman Smart Policeman
If there's one thing he hates more than a dumb criminal, it's a smart one.

An Interview with Mr. Pumpkin An Interview with Mr. Pumpkin
In this shocking world exclusive, local celebrity Mr. Pumpkin reveals why, contrary to popular belief, Halloween actually sucks.

Battle Helmet The AG 10X2 Battle Helmet
Ridley puts this toy helmet to the ultimate test. (And by ultimate, we mean final.)

Snapper Hand
Ridley fights for truth, justice, and the right not to get up when you want to reach something across the room.

How would you like to buy a fast food restaurant... for only a dollar?

Boxing King Invincible
Boxing King Invincible may have an eye like a scrambled egg, but boy can he throw a punch. A wildly inaccurate, spring-powered punch. Fear.

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