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Boring Links Page

Stomp Tokyo
The best B-Movie review site out there.

Weird Movies Strange Reviews
Awesome little reviews of movies like Mazes & Monsters and The Alien Factor. They called us "brilliant." We call them kind.

Mutant Reviewers From Hell
Because it's better to reign in mutant reviewer hell than serve in mutant reviewer heaven.

Audio Atrocities™
Bad videogame voice acting. From Resident Evil to Shenmue 2, this guy has it all. Far from just a collection of sound clips, each game has its own commentary.

A nicely designed anything goes website — rants, reviews, whatever.

Penny Arcade
How many times have you read PA and thought, "Wow, that is SO me"? Well, it's not. It's a comic. Get a grip, man!

It's nowhere near as disgusting as it sounds. In fact, it's something very much like brilliance mixed with an elbow drop.

J.R. Versus
Whatever you do, don't go here.

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