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Chiller Chiller
More violent than GTA. More blood than Mortal Kombat. Made in 1986. It's Chiller, and it's possibly the most sadistic videogame of all time.

High Impact Paintball High Impact Paintball
Everyone knows that violent videogames make you more violent. And the same goes for paintball. So I decided to play High Impact Paintball and see how violent it made me.

Powerslide Powerslide
Australian for "futuristic off-road racing game inspired by movies like Mad Max and videogames like Twisted Metal." And beer.

Distant Frontiers
Who are those mysterious observers? What is the Unknown and why is it capitalized? And why can't Ridley get the sound to work? All this and more isn't explained in.... Distant Frontiers: Journey to the Unknown!

Cybermercs teaches us that there is no shame in being a clone. Especially if you're a clone of Diablo and Aliens.

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