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Jack-O Jack-O
When a killer scarecrow begins slicing up people on Halloween night, only one tagline was deemed appropriate: It's Harvest Time.

Galaxis Galaxis
What happens when Bull from night court puts on a funny costume, apes every Sci Fi movie known to man and terrorizes Spider-Man director Sam Raimi? This. This is what happens.

Alien Factor Alien Factor
When an extraterrestrial petting zoo invades Baltimore, much is at risk: Levi's jeans. Liberace. Trailers. Once you factor all this in, there's only one clear course of action: Read it and spare yourself this sloppy description. Jeez, why do we have all this space, anyway?

PINATA: SURVIVAL ISLAND Piņata: Survival Island
Two words: Killer Piņata.

Mazes and Monsters
Two hours of anti-roleplaying propoganda disguised as a swords and sorcery flick. It's like Reefer Madness, only with Gorvils and Tom Hanks.

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